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Misk Garden





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The most luxurious villas project in Istanbul - Buyuk is a direct look at the Marmara Sea within the finest complexes in Istanbul and at appropriate prices for Turkish citizenship

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770 M2

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Mass Housing and a Piece of Sky

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Misk Garden

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Project Name: Misk Garden Project TEM and E5 The project is between two main roads Earth area per villa: 770 square meters User space: 670 square meters Number of villas: 11 villas The project consists of 11 independent villas and is found in each garden villa and a private pool All villas overlook the Marmara Sea Villas pattern: 6+2 Tripkes system Project condition: ready for delivery Social activities: O'clock A dedicated position for each villa number 2 Villa features: A smart security system device is available in all villas 3 balcony + large terrace Kitchen 2 Big hall number 2 6 rooms 6 bathrooms sauna A marine view of all floors All rooms on a balcony You take a room storehouse Sanma room Private dressing room An elevator in every villa The project is suitable for Turkish citizenship