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Lotus Istanbul





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Apartments for sale in Istanbul - Pelek Douzo on the E5 fast line at great prices and suitable for Turkish citizenship

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European Istanbul


Pelek Douzo

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73 - 178 M2

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Mass Housing and a Piece of Sky

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Lotus Istanbul

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Project Name: Lotus Istanbul Project website: Istanbul - Pelek Douzo Project space: 35100 square meters Apartments area: 73-178 square meters Number of buildings: 3 The number of floors in each building: 10 Apartment patterns: 1+1 - 2+1 - 3+1 Services: gym Parking Green spaces Security around the clock Children's gardens sauna Indoor swimming pool Turkish bath Transportation: 17 minutes for Ataturk Airport 43 minutes for the new Istanbul airport 5 minutes from Marmara Mall 9 minutes for Bervisa Mall One minute from the main road E5 and Metropus Tabu is ready and the project is suitable for Turkish citizenship