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Villas project at very cheap prices in Sakaria within the complex of sophisticated villas with 5+1 design

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Armoni Villa's

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The ARMONI Villa, which consists of 21 villas with a fully separate design with a luxurious design. Which gave a different batch of the concept of housing and luxury through the projects it implemented in Akayzi And mixing the villas is 5 + 1 and large areas of up to 600 square meters. Project features: - 7200 m 2 land - 21 villas - Wide green spaces - A special car park for each villa - A private garden for each villa - Special pool (optional) Villa's features: - 5 + 1 - Smings of up to 600 square meters - Green area - dining room - The kitchen of supplies Floor heating - 4 bathrooms - Compacting group - Internet Viber - An internal door specifically designed for each villa Dual kitchen design - Sound and heat insulation - Dress -up room and bathroom Water tank, washing room, ironing room, hobby area, sports room - roof terrace Winter Park And with you many features.
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Prices are updated continuously for many reasons, the most important of which is the construction status of the project and the change in exchange rates, so we ask you to contact us directly to provide you with the latest price update within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

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