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Florya Properties

Florya is a coastal area belonging to the Bakirkoy region located in the European section of Istanbul. It is located along the coast of the Sea of Marmara. The area is bordered by the neighborhoods of Yesilkoy, Kucukcekmece and the E5 highway. Florya is one of the areas that have witnessed many investments in recent times and witnessed remarkable progress. In infrastructure and connections, in addition to residential, commercial and recreational places, the region is famous for its sandy coastal beaches, modern architecture and tall buildings, Florya is famous for its beaches, gardens and beautiful green spaces, and its proximity to Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, and it contains many recreational places, Florya is a fast-paced area Development and growth in Istanbul, it has become a popular residential and commercial center in recent years, making it a preferred location for travelers and investors for the purpose of investment or tourism.


More information about the area

Florya real estate:

Florya is a residential area located on the European side of Istanbul, it is located between Bakirkoy, Yesilkoy and Kucukcekmece neighborhoods. Florya is a popular area that has seen an increase in property demand in recent years. Florya offers a unique mix of residential, commercial and tourist properties, making it an attractive location for investors. The area has a range of properties, including villas, apartments, and commercial properties. The real estate market in Florya is characterized by its high-end luxury properties and its prime location.


Florya is known for its luxury seaside properties, which offer stunning views of the Sea of ​​Marmara. These properties are in high demand and priced accordingly. The area also has a range of modern and contemporary apartments, which are popular with residents. Florya's location and proximity to major transportation routes in Istanbul make it an attractive location for commercial real estate. The area has many shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Commercial real estate in Florya is highly sought after due to the area's prime location and high traffic.


In recent years, the real estate market in Florya has witnessed an increase in the demand for real estate due to urbanization and rapid development. The area is known for its quality infrastructure, modern amenities and excellent transport links, making it an attractive location for investors.


The demand for real estate in Florya is expected to continue to increase in the coming years, driven by the area's prime location, quality of life, and growing population. Investors looking to invest in the real estate market in Istanbul should consider Florya as a viable option due to its high potential for growth and return on investment.


In general, the real estate market in the Florya district of Istanbul offers a range of residential and commercial properties. The area's prime location, modern amenities and quality infrastructure make it an attractive location for investors. As demand for real estate in Istanbul continues to rise, Florya's potential for growth and return on investment is expected to increase in the coming years.


About life in Florya:

Florya is a coastal region located on the European side of Istanbul, and it is linked to important areas of Istanbul. It is considered one of the densely populated and working areas. The transportation and public transportation infrastructure has been developed in the region, and the service sector is developed from hospitals, health and commercial centers, and it continues to develop. And diversification, the neighborhood is characterized by models of modern and traditional residential buildings, and there are shops, markets, and commercial companies, and despite the high population density in it, the area contains many markets, parks, restaurants, and recreational areas, and there are gardens, green spaces, and beautiful sea views as well, and it contains many schools And private and government universities, it is characterized by seafood restaurants, which makes it an attractive place for all residents and visitors. Life in Florya moves at a fast pace, and provides its residents with some comfort. It is an area that achieves many investments and is suitable for foreigners wishing to invest in real estate or commercial in Turkey.


Entertainment places in Florya:

Florya district has many shopping centers, and there are many hotels and resorts in the area, catering to both travelers and residents. The district is well connected to other parts of Istanbul, with easy access to public transportation and major highways. Florya is a thriving and vibrant area that offers a variety of attractions, amenities and transportation to visitors.

We will mention some of the places you can visit in Florya:

- Ataturk Marine Mansion

- Istanbul Aquarium

- Florya Atatürk Forest

- Yesilkoy Beach Park


·       Atatürk Deniz Köşkü is a palace that is a two-storey building of traditional Ottoman architectural style, surrounded by a beautiful garden overlooking the Aegean Sea. Today, Atatürk’s naval palace serves as a museum dedicated to the memory of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and it is a popular tourist destination for those interested in Turkish history and culture. Visitors can wander In the palace and watch

·       İstanbul Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Europe and contains more than 15,000 fish from 60 different oceans.

·       Florya Atatürk Ormanı is a forest that is a popular destination for locals and tourists. There are walking and jogging paths, picnic areas, and playgrounds for children. The forest also features an outdoor theater, a lake with boats for rent, and many restaurants and cafes. In addition to its entertainment offerings, the forest is home to a variety of plant species, to Many birds, in general, Florya Ataturk Forest is a popular destination for those looking for tranquility away from the noise of the city.

·   Yeşilköy Sahil Parkı is a public park located along the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is a popular recreational place for visitors and local residents. The park features a long sandy beach that extends along the Sea of ​​Marmara and many sports facilities such as basketball and volleyball courts, children’s playgrounds, and walking and running tracks. Visitors can rent Sun loungers, umbrellas and swimming in the sea, it also contains many cafes and restaurants where visitors can enjoy Turkish food and drinks while enjoying the beautiful sea views.


Hospitals located in Florya:

 Governmental and private hospitals and health centers located in the Florya region:


Government hospitals:


Private hospitals:

Private Çamlık Hospital- Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital- Private Yaşar Hospital


Schools located in Florya:

There are a variety of private and government schools in Vlorya district, offering education at different levels from primary school to high school. Some of these schools offer bilingual or international education programmes. The quality of education and facilities offered by these schools vary and it is recommended that parents research and visit the schools. to decide which one best fits their child's needs and preferences. Florya is connected to public transportation and is easily accessible from other parts of Istanbul, making it a suitable location for families with school-age children. We will mention the most important of them:


Private and public universities:

T.R. Istanbul Kultur University

Private and government schools:

- elementary schools:

Ataköy Primary School- Bakırköy Behramağa Primary School- Bakırköy Primary School- Kartaltepe Primary School- Medeni Berk Primary School- Mimar Sinan Primary School- Muhittin Üstündağ Primary School- Murat Kölük Primary School- İbni Sina Primary School- Şenlikköy Primary School.

Preparatory schools:

60 Yıl Ataköy Secondary School- Ataköy Atatürk Secondary School- Aybars Ak Secondary School- Cumhuriyet Secondary School-Emlak Kredi Bankası Secondary School- Gazi Secondary School- Halil Bedii Management Secondary School- İbni Sina Secondary School- Şenlikköy Secondary School.

- High school:

Ataköy Anatolian High School- Ataköy Cumhuriyet Anatolian High School- Bakırköy Anatolian Imam Hatip High School- Bakırköy Anatolian High School- Bakırköy Fine Arts High School- Ataköy Anatolian High School- Ataköy Cumhuriyet Anatolian High School- Bakırköy Anatolian Imam Hatip High School- Bakırköy Anatolian High School- Bakırköy Fine Arts High School.


Justice Kindergarten- Adliye Kindergarten- Mustafa Pars Kindergarten- Bahçeşehir College Ataköy Kindergarten- Doğa Florya Kindergarten- Oya Kindergarten- Private Hilal Kindergarten- İkibin Kindergarten- İpek Gelişim Kindergarten- Florya Waterfall Kindergarten- Yeşil Zümrüt Kindergarten- Atik Kindergarten- Helin Kindergarten- Kültür Kindergarten.

Private primary schools:

Bilfen Florya Primary School- Yeşilköy College Primary School- Yavuzlar College Secondary School.

Private preparatory schools:

Private Taş Primary School Secondary School- Florya Primary School Secondary School- Florya Final Primary School Secondary School- Oğuzkaan Bakırköy Secondary School- Private Çapa Bilim Secondary School- Private Bakırköy Individual Secondary School- Bakırköy Bilgi Secondary School- Yavuzlar College Secondary School- Bakırköy Ten Step Educational Sciences College Secondary School.

Private secondary schools:

Dilko College Bakırköy Basic High School - Florya Final Anatolian High School - Oğuzkaan Anatolian High School - Florya Anatolian High School - Kültür Science High School - Wish Bilge Kağan Anatolian High School - Private Yavuzlar Basic High School - Private Full Hardware Basic High School.

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