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Information about temporary protection

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Türkiye's policy towards temporary protection applicants
Jobs of the General Directorate of Immigration Administration

General information about temporary protection

When a very large and rapid human influx forms into any country, so that the state cannot apply the Asylum Law to all individuals arriving on its territory, countries can apply the Temporary Protection Law in accordance with Law No. 100 issued by the executive body of the United Nations in 2004.

Temporary protection is one of the types of protection that was developed in order to find urgent solutions when a large human influx occurs to countries, due to the inability of countries to implement their responsibilities to return all refugees to their countries or determine their status as refugees in their territories, and therefore temporary protection is considered a quick and appropriate solution Given the aforementioned conditions.

Temporary protection in Türkiye:

The expansion of the humanitarian crisis in Syria led to an influx of Syrian citizens towards the Syrian-Turkish border, as the first wave of asylum took place on 04/29/2011, and approximately 300-400 Syrian citizens headed towards the Gylfigozu crossing located in the Turkish state of Hatay. Accordingly, the authorities took Turkish measures were taken, and 252 Syrian citizens were received into Turkish territory and transferred to a sports hall in the state of Hatay temporarily, and the Syrian refugees were provided with the necessary food and health needs.

When Syrians enter Turkey, the Turkish authorities search the refugee within the framework of the country's general security, and after that, his personal data is recorded based on the information on his national card (identity) if any, and in the absence of it, his personal data is recorded based on the information given by the refugee in a form direct.

In view of the aforementioned conditions, the Turkish Ministry of Interior began to prepare an action plan that conforms to Turkey's conditions by taking the necessary measures and precautions to face the huge amount of mass flows of Syrian citizens into Turkish lands, and as a result, on March 30, 2012, the Turkish Ministry of Interior took a decision stipulating the admission of Syrian citizens and stateless persons. Residents of Syria to Turkish lands and reside there.

Turkey has pursued a policy of temporary protection in order to face the waves of mass asylum of Syrian citizens, and the Turkish authorities have practiced a policy of not returning refugees to areas where they might be exposed to danger and cases of human rights violations in order to provide minimum standards of human rights towards Syrian refugees.

In fact, the laws and legislation of the Turkish state do not include the policy of temporary protection, as the policy of temporary protection was clarified in Article No. 91 of the Foreigners LawAnd international protection as follows:

· Temporary protection is granted to people who leave their country for reasons of force majeure and cannot return to it, and thus resort to entering Turkish territory as part of a collective asylum wave. Temporary protection can also be granted to people who crossed the Turkish borders individually as well.

· The temporary protection policy provides for the admission of refugees to Turkish territory and their residence in it. The temporary protection policy also clarifies the rights and duties of refugees and the measures to be taken in the event of a refugee leaving Turkish territory, in addition to taking the necessary measures to confront mass waves of asylum. The temporary protection policy seeks to cooperate with organizations Local and international, and defining the functions and responsibilities of the institutions and organizations that will operate within the framework of the temporary protection policy, as all these matters are regulated in accordance with the decisions issued by the Turkish Cabinet.

For example, one of the functions of the Migration Policy Council in Turkey is to take the necessary measures during cases of mass influx of refugees into Turkish territory.

Some functions of the Directorate General of Migration Management:

· Performing the secretarial function of the Immigration Policy Council and implementing the decisions issued by it.

· Applying procedures related to persons who have acquired the right of residence in Turkey within the framework of the temporary protection policy.


As a result of the work of the Turkish authorities within the framework of temporary protection and based on Article No. 91 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, the General Directorate of Migration Management issued a report No. 6883/2014 dated 10/13/2014 explaining the details of the temporary protection policy in Turkey.

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