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Fatih Properties

Fatih is a region located in the European section of Istanbul, named after Sultan Fatih Mehmet, it is one of the oldest and most ancient historical regions of Istanbul, located on the coast of the Sea of Marmara and the region is bordered by the neighborhoods of Zeytinburnu, Bayram Pasha, Eyup Sultan, and the E5 highway. Fatih is one of the areas that have witnessed many investments in recent times, and witnessed remarkable progress in infrastructure and transportation, in addition to residential, commercial and recreational places. The area is famous for its modern architecture, as well as traditional Turkish neighborhoods with narrow streets and small shops, including many shopping centers, And it contains many recreational places, it has become a popular residential and commercial center in recent years, which makes it a preferred location for travelers and investors for the purpose of investment or tourism.

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More information about the area

Fatih real estate:

Fatih district has become an attractive location for real estate investment due to its growing popularity and historical importance. The value of real estate in Fatih is expected to increase in the coming years, making it a great investment for the long term.


There is a variety of residential properties available in Fatih, ranging from modern high-rise buildings to traditional Ottoman-style houses. The most famous residential areas of Fatih are Eminönü, Fener-Balat and Ayvansaray. Eminönü is a busy area with a mix of commercial and residential properties, while Fener-Balat and Ayvansaray are known for their historic houses and narrow streets.


Fatih is a thriving commercial center, especially in areas such as Eminönü, Sirkeci and Laleli. These areas are known for their bustling markets and shops, making them ideal locations for business. Commercial properties in Fatih include shops, offices, and warehouses. The price of commercial properties in Fatih can vary greatly depending on the location and size of the property.



Foreign investors are also interested in the Fatih area, as many invest in commercial real estate such as hotels, restaurants and shops in the famous tourist areas of the region. The Turkish government's recent initiatives to encourage foreign investment in the real estate sector have also contributed to the growth of the market in Fatih.


In conclusion, the real estate market in Fatih offers a variety of properties with great investment potential. With its historical attractions and growing popularity, the area attracts both local and foreign investors. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial property, Fatih has something to offer everyone.


About life in Fatih:

Fatih is a region on the European side of Istanbul, and it is linked to important areas of Istanbul. Life in Fatih is unique, mixing between historical and modern Turkish culture. The region is famous for its cultural heritage rich in many historical sites and monuments, and one of its most famous landmarks is Hagia Sophia, which is considered one of the densely populated areas. High and staffed by foreigners, the transportation and public transportation infrastructure has been developed in the region, and the service sector is developed from hospitals, health and commercial centers, and it continues to develop and diversify. The neighborhood is distinguished by models of modern and traditional residential buildings, and there are shops, markets and commercial companies. The region contains many There are parks, restaurants, recreational areas, and popular markets, and there are gardens and green spaces as well, and it contains many private and government schools and universities, which makes it an attractive place for both local and foreign families. Many and suitable for foreigners wishing to invest in real estate or commercial in Turkey.


Entertainment places in Fatih:

The Fatih district has many shopping centers, and there are many hotels and resorts in the area, catering to both travelers and residents. The district is well connected to other parts of Istanbul, with easy access to public transportation and major highways. Fatih is a thriving and vibrant area that offers a variety of attractions, amenities and transportation to visitors.

We will mention some of the places you can visit in Fatih:

- Sultan Ahmet Mosque

- The Hagia Sophia Mosque

- Grand Bazaar

- Yavuz Sultan Selim


·        Sultanahmet Camii The Fatih Blue Mosque, also known as the Fatih Mosque, is a historical mosque located in the Fatih district of Istanbul. It was built in the early fifteenth century by order of Sultan Mehmed I. The doors of the mosque are open to visitors and to pray, and it is also considered a popular tourist attraction, as it comes Thousands of visitors every year admire its architecture and rich history.

·       Ayasofya Camii Located in the Fatih district of Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the most famous landmarks in Turkey and an important monument in the world. The Turkish government restored the Hagia Sophia Museum to a mosque, and reopened it for Islamic worship. The Hagia Sophia, with its stunning architecture, attracts millions of visitors every year.

·       Kapalı Çarş is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. It is located in the Fatih district of Istanbul and has been operating continuously since its foundation in the fifteenth century. The market is one of the main tourist attractions in Istanbul and is visited by millions of people every year. It is famous for its bustling atmosphere and rich history. Visitors can find on unique items.

·       Yavuz Sultan Selim is a large mosque located in the Fatih district of Istanbul. The mosque was designed with a blend of traditional Ottoman architecture with modern technologies. The mosque has become a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of Istanbul's cultural and religious heritage.


Hospitals located in Fatih:

 Governmental and private hospitals and health centers located in the Fatih area:


Government hospitals:

Akça Hospital- Istanbul Bezmi Alem Valide Sultan Gureba Hospital

Private hospitals:

Private Fatih Hospital- Medilife Capa Hospital


Schools located in Fatih:

There are a variety of private and government schools in the Fatih district, offering education at different levels from primary school to high school. Some of these schools offer bilingual or international education programmes. The quality of education and facilities offered by these schools vary and it is recommended that parents research and visit the schools. to decide which one best fits their child's needs and preferences. The Fatih district is connected to public transportation and is easily accessible from other parts of Istanbul, making it a suitable location for families with school-age children, and we will mention the most important of them:


Private and public universities:

Istanbul University- Kadir Has University- Medipol University Haliç Campus- Istanbul University Faculty of Aquatic Sciences- Bezmiâlem Vakıf University.

Private and government schools:

- elementary schools:

Akşemsettin Primary School- Atikali Primary School- Beyazıt Ford Otosan Primary School- Çapa Primary School- Cevrikalfa Primary School- Emin Ali Yasin Primary School- Fındıkzade Primary School- Gencosman Primary School- Kadırga Primary School- Katip Çelebi Primary School- Katip Kasım Primary School.

Preparatory schools:

Karagümrük Secondary School- Mehmet Akif Secondary School- Oruçgazi Secondary School- Sancaktar Hayrettin Secondary School- Tarık Us Secondary School- Tevfik Kut Secondary School- Uzun Yusuf Secondary School- Yavuz Selim Secondary School- Yedikule Secondary School- Yunus Emre Secondary School.

 - High school:

Ahmet Rasim Anatolian High School- Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School- Çapa Science High School- Çemberlitaş Anatolian High School- Davutpaşa Anatolian High School- Istanbul Boys High School- Pertevniyal High School- Şehremini Anatolian High School- Vefa High School Yedikule Anatolian High School.


Silivrikapı Kindergarten- Spotted Horse White Kindergarten- Reşadiye Ebcim Kindergarten- Çakıltaşı Kindergarten- Şirin Mavi Kuş Kindergarten- Fairy Tale Train Kindergarten- Fatih Liderler Kindergarten- Merkez Gülleri Kindergarten- Gülistanbul Kindergarten- Maple Kindergarten- Banu Kindergarten- Elif Yuvam Kindergarten.

Private primary schools:

Eyüp Güven College Primary School- Haliç Doğa Bilim College Primary School- Haliç Etap College Primary School- Kemerburgaz Biltes College Primary School- Sultan Fatih College Primary School- Zinde College Primary School.

Private preparatory schools:

Capa College Secondary School- Eyüp Güven College Secondary School- Göktürk Final College Secondary School- Haliç Doğa Bilim College Secondary School- Haliç Etap College Secondary School- Kemerburgaz Biltes College Secondary School- Sultan Fatih College Secondary School- Zinde College Secondary School.

Private primary and secondary schools:

Oğuzkaan Fatih Primary School Secondary School-Ocean College Fatih Primary and Secondary School- Akasya College Primary and Secondary School.

Private secondary schools:

Private Sahakyan Nunyan Armenian High School- Private Fener Greek High School-Ocean College Fatih Anatolian High School- Private Görkem Evening High School- Private Fatih Final Basic High School- Private Anchor Exam Basic High School- Private Vatan Exam Basic High School- Private Fatih Bil Temel High School- Göktürk Final College Anatolian High School- Sultan Fatih Science High School.

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